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For nearly 40 years, legendary bassist Brian Wheat has helped guide the band he co-founded, Tesla, into one of the sturdiest, most dependable acts in rock and roll. The band boasts sales of 25 million+ and remains a perennial favorite on the road for fans all over the world. Wheat has also managed the band for the last 15 years, and has thus learned inside and out what it takes to not just survive the business, but thrive within it.


He recently started his company J Street Entertainment Inc to help develop young bands; offering production, writing, engineering and mixing. But he does much more to help up and coming bands develop their careers. By offering everything from full production to management, a record label and even a recording studio, Brian and his team, by providing literally everything under one roof, afford young bands the opportunity to not just develop, but learn all the ropes from the inside by leveraging his rich experiences in the music business.

The Team

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