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J Street Recorders


J Street Recorders is a venue where artists can flourish and bring their creative vision to life.

The studio reflects a long-time dream of Tesla bassist and Sacramento native Brian Wheat. To execute his vision, he commissioned the legendary Vincent van Haaff of Waterland Design, who’s responsible for creating some of the most highly regarded recording and production spaces in the music industry worldwide.

Our live room, control room and three isolation booths offer a perfect balance of creature comfort and acoustical excellence. Clients can relax in two large lounges, one of which includes a fully-equipped kitchen, and on-premise sleeping accommodations for up to six.

A full suite of creative and technical services is available to help artists reach their goals, including producers, engineers and session musicians.

We offer a unique blend of digital and analog equipment for tracking and mixdown. Our desk is a Neve 8128 with a fully-stocked rack of mic preamplifiers and outboard processing gear. We monitor with Tannoy, Genelec and Adam speakers and our microphone locker is a trove of vintage and state-of-the-art gear. Clients can augment their music with a variety of house-provided amplifiers and instruments.


Our studio is situated in midtown Sacramento, a growing hub of activity that includes the new Golden One Center—the downtown arena that’s home to the NBA Sacramento Kings. We’re in the center of a rich restaurant and nightclub district that’s home to many cuisines and music styles.

Comfortable, affordable lodging is readily available. There’s lots of parks and open spaces nearby, and the Sacramento river is just a few minutes’ drive away. In Sacramento, we’re just a 90 minute drive from sunny beaches or snowy slopes.

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